Monday, March 30, 2009

Stickin' it to Winter

Is it just me or does Winter seem to be out staying it's welcome?
What bums me out most about this weather is the fact that I won't be able to wear my flirty summer tank tops any time soon. Or so I thought.

I stopped into Redeem on 14th Street the other day to check out their sales. What I found were super cute light weight jackets from an organic clothing line called Covet.

I fell in love with a billowy jacket that would make for PERFECT layering. I played around with the buttons, buttoning them up all the way for a sleek look, or keeping a few undone at the top to show off a bit of what was underneath. The fabric was really comfortable and felt great on my skin-so comfy!

Check out some of the goods at Covet's website .

And if you decide to shop at Redeem, don't forget about the brand-spanking new 14th Street Circulator Bus that will take you right to their doorstop. The route starts at Woodley Park Metro, cuts through to Columbia Heights, and swings allllll the way down 14th Street till it ends at McPhearson Square. View the entire route here or take a look on the Circulator website.

Shopping locally made easy!


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