Saturday, April 25, 2009

Solar Summer Lighting and the Living is Easy

We entertain a lot in the summer in our itsy bitsy urban backyard (very quietly, after midnight, as not to impose ourselves on our neighbors) and I always try to find ways to do it with as little environmental impact as possible (see my discussion of our Halloween party for some of the things I think about when planning a party). Anyway, there is a tree that hangs over our yard - its the best place to hang lights for when it gets dark, creating a lovely ambiance for our little cozy yard. I already have a lot of lights, so will NOT be running out to buy these immediately, but it is nice to know that when I do have to replace some, I will be able to with these Solar Powered ones from IKEA. See more here. Although I might consider investing in the garden sticks above - they have such a fairy quality to them - and Mark has worked so hard on the front garden. Most of the lanterns have LED lights - the most efficient form of lighting discovered thus far - although still a bit expensive for larger applications.


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