Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Listopad Lives!!

Just a quick mention (one of the many previously mentioned swirling things inside my head) that the Listopad ladies are opening up their new vintage clothing store on 14th street this summer. Yeay!
And! they recently installed cork and bamboo flooring in the new space - very, very sustainable choices. We loves!! Here are some pics from their blog of how the new space is shaping up.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Goings On Lately: What I've Been Doing, Thinking, Wearing

I have been so bad with blogging recently (again) - I realized this when my friend Jack messaged me on Facebook asking if the blog was on hiatus. I guess I have been too tired from my day job "greening" a financial institution (can y'all freakin' recycle already???!?) of over 2000 staff (plus a 1000 country office staff) that I have neglected all things righteous . . . and (re)stylish. Which makes me sad since I have SO many things to share that swirl in my mind daily. Because, dear readers, I do not stop being righteous or (re)stylish when I am away from you. My green life continues unencumbered . . . but I just can't bring myself to put finger to keyboard. Also, I think one of my blocks is that I want to write something really good, really pithy, really interesting . . . really green . . . and feel like my creative muscles are just exhausted at the end of the day. I feel like all that will come out is, well, crap. Plus, who the heck wants to stare at their computer at home after staring at their computer all day at work?

But, I miss writing for fun. So I am once again, as I have done before, endeavoring to start writing here again. Stay tuned. (And if it sounds like crap, just bear with me. Good things are sure to come.)

Anyway, on to what I have been doing and wearing. I've been spending a lot of time attending very interesting art-related events around DC recently - of course, wearing all kinds of secondhand and vintage attire.

Below is a shot of me (taken by lovely Rachel of Project Beltway) at the launch of Flaunt at Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia. It is a lovely space and the exhibit features local, emerging talent in the fields of photography and fashion. "An artistic experiment of sorts, Flaunt aims to challenge and explore the notions of what constitutes fashion photography" says the release. It was quite fun! And definitely check out the related fashion show on June 6! More info here.

I am wearing a secondhand Alberta Ferretti skirt (which, ahem, I bought at Goodwill) and some reclaimed leather/vintage jewelry bracelets of my own design. And I can not get enough of these studded Aldo heels - a fairly crude approximation of the real thing, but, alas, more affordable.

The next photo is from the Washington Correspondents' Dinner afterparty at the Corcoran, (hosted by Capitol File Magazine) which, according to some, was a real good time. I certainly enjoyed watching so many politicos mooning over TV stars (sadly, I did not know who most of them were since I haven't really watched TV in almost 20 years - I know, I know: I am totally weird). Anyhoos, I wore a BCBG dress that I bought at Secondi (like 2 hours before the event!!). [SIDENOTE: It is nice that the quality of resale items at Secondi has gone up - I just wish they would do something about their customer service. Yes, it also has gotten better, but . . . if you are going to sell expensive designer items - even at deep discount, please treat me like someone who is going to buy expensive designer items. You know?]

I thought it was so funny that I am, um, wearing a lime green, strapless, ruched mini-dress to an event where I overheard several women discussing whether their totally appropriate, knee length dresses were too short/too open. Sigh - I guess you can't actually expect too much eclecticism or fashion dissent at such an event (esp. in DC). This is not saying that some folks didn't totally stand out - as the night progressed, the outfits did get a bit more outrageous. Rachel's dress (below) was amazing AND vintage - and, although full length and the de rigeur black, was definitely a stand out from the crowd with its slightly risque open back/shoulder and many, many ruffles.

Photo by Mark Silva.

Lastly and most recently, I went to a show at Civilian Art Projects this past Friday. I fell in love with Erick Jackson's color pencil drawings and ended up buying one. Which, kids, has quickly hastened the end of my shopping for the season. (Art ain't cheap, yo.) Of course, I did make one last, small purchase at an awesome - yet fairly hidden - vintage store in Va. More on that later.

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