Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ebay Vintage Dress in Action and Thoughts on Waste

Remember that lovely yellow vintage dress I bought on Ebay? After a few nips and tucks at Chaudre, here it is in action in Georgia.

So pretty . . . and SO eco-conscious. Even the carbon emissions from shipping it to me from Oklahoma (which I know some of you cynics & haters out there are thinking about) are teeny compared to the amount of resources I saved by buying something old (yet new to me!)

We have so many things in our landfills that could be reused instead of disposed of. Especially clothing, shoes, belts, jewelry. Many people don't even DONATE their items, they just throw them out! How totally wasteful. By taking good care of the things we own and then passing them on to others when we no longer have a need for them, we reduce the demand to make new things and all the negative impacts on the environment that go along with making new things. Seriously. The one thought that I try to communicate to everyone I speak with about the environment is that EVERY SINGLE time you buy something new, you hurt the environment. It doesn't matter if you will keep that new thing for a long time. By buying new, you keep creating demand for new things to be made. Instead, what if we focused on creating a demand for used things (yeay Ebay and Craigslist!!)? What if we all demanded that things be made TO LAST use after use after use? Would things be made better? Would an amazing array of stores sprout up to help us locate and buy all the used things we want? I hope so!

In terms of fashion . . . well, the last decade or so has seen a huge increase in "fast fashion" - trends going "in" and going "out" - the marketing machine convincing us that we need this new thing, this season because it will make us look like we understand what is actually going on in fashion. Bullshit, I say. Don't misunderstand me, I love my fashion mags. I love seeing the creative visions of good designers season to season (even though they have become so damn similar recently because, really, how innovative can you be if you are doing 8 collections per year). But I also look at Elle mags I've saved from a few years ago and think, "what the heck happened to this fabulous Dolce & Gabbana dress? Did every single one made end up in a landfill somewhere? Are they all in the back of someone's closet? Because I would buy it. I would buy it right now!" Why can't we all just wear more old stuff? There is plenty of yummy "old" things out there somewhere . . .

Even Elle mag recently did an article on how to shop for secondhand/vintage designer items on Ebay. Check it out here. I love this article.

Reduce and Reuse, fellow eco-fashionistas!


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