Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Attachment": An Environmentalist’s Ode to a Disposable Cup

Oh disposable cup in all your paper (or plastic) glory!
So accessible on almost every street corner, in every market and café
Oh, you, and your promises of a commitment-less encounter
You just care about me, and my convenience, you say.
Your smooth edges whisper, “Its really okay. Everyone does it.”
“My destiny is preordained by powers bigger than the both of us.”
“It’s just the way it is.”

So many embrace your shame-free enticements.
I see them every day, holding on to you tightly – but only for a short time.
They say good-bye and walk away.
It appears so easy for them, my small one.

But not for me.

In our brief moments together, I get attached.
It seems so crass – to use you and then just throw you in a bin.
I look at you and wonder where you came from . . .
which country’s trees birthed you, how far the oil in your small plastic hat traveled.
As I cradle you in my hand, I start to worry
What will happen to you when our time is done?
Will you end up in a far away landfill, never to decompose again?
. . . just a forgotten piece of our human race’s debris?
Or will you end up floating in a river or ocean, confusing the birds as they hunt for food?

I’m sorry, little vessel – all this is just too much to consider.
I don’t mean to hurt you,
but the truth is that I just can’t get involved with you at all.
Your guilt-free façade will never compare to the stability I feel
With my loyal



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