Thursday, July 9, 2009

Capital Fringe Festival Goes Green!

I just noticed that The Cap Fringe Fest has posted "How to Be a Green Artist" and "How to be a Green Audience" guidelines on their website. [Grrr - why isn't something as important as that not linked from the very first page? Anyway . . .]

It is very exciting for me to see organizations, events, etc., that consider themselves "progressive" to finally be waking up to the fact that sustainability is the MOST progressive thing you can be doing right now.
So, check out how to be a green audience ("Take the metro!" "Don't Litter!" "Take a young person to the theater!") and then go see some shows (support local artists!). One in particular that I would like to recommend:
"Caberate Coo-Coo" by Happenstance Theater.

Classy acts! Captivating Characters! Hosted by Guitar Prodigy Scooter Undercroft, Featuring Izzy and Diz Aster Singing Cheery Songs of the Great Depression, Nicolo the Juggling Accordionist, the Amazing Illusionist Catastrafi, Hotsy-Totsy Dancing Cigarette Girls, the Melodious Pit band, and surprise(d) guests! (60 minutes)



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