Sunday, July 12, 2009

Too Pretty to Buy Just One!! - Broadstreet Jewelry

GRRRR - I have spent the last 40 minutes clicking back and forth through pictures of about 30 jewelry pieces - all totally lovely and super eco-friendly. I CAN NOT DECIDE!!!

I usually don't like to write about products or designers that I don't have personal experience with . . . you should see how many requests I get every day to feature new "green" stuff! It is hard to say "no" to a little company with a good mission that's trying to make it in this world of cheap, disposable crap. So, if I really like a product, and have never gotten anything from the company before, I will usually order something . . . Just to give me a sense if the items are made well, etc. - and, you know, to keep the green fashion industry going and all.

Anyway, this takes us back to my horrible indecision about Sara Bradstreet's swoon-worthy jewelry. Most of her creations are necklaces. I'm sure you've noticed the emergence of big, chunky jewelry on the fashion radar over the past few seasons . . . You know, those $5000 necklaces, that look like they were made from your great aunt Mildred's collection of costume and semi-precious jewelry? Yeah, well, they weren't. They just look like it. They were probably made in China, by underpaid young women and then shipped to the US (all those carbon emissions! ugh.) Such immense fakery.

WELL!! If you are in the market for an eco-friendly chunky necklace, look no further. Sara constructs her pieces from all vintage components, using wire. "Salvaged vintage findings deconstructed and assembled into one of a kind" necklaces, bracelets, earrings. She expertly layers completely different design elements in an organically harmonious way. A picture of a German Shepard and a big white bow? Sure! A rhinestoned vidalia onion, pearls and a sunflower? Made for each other!

This is what Sara says about her designs: "I am inspired by jewelry that has the potential to play into a larger piece, a collage of reminders from different decades. The brashness of an 80s gold chain might be softened with an overlay of enameled flowers from the 1950s; crystal brooches from a grandmother’s trinket box are emboldened by the addition of gold geometrics and a deliberately chunky clasp. These ecclectic combinations both pay homage to the past and transcend its aesthetic boundaries. They provoke conversation, showcase unique style, tell their own stories. They complement a woman’s many facets and her individual kind of beauty."

In any case, I am in LOVE with most of her pieces and must now continue deciding on which one to get. But I had to share her designs with you since I am positive you will LOVE them, too! Below are my top-contenders (find them for yourself in the Broadstreet Etsy shop):

(It's the Kremlin, yo! This one may win out for the whole "proud of my heritage" reason.)

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