Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Article! "Hip Nesters Haunt Flea Markets . . ."

From the Washington Post Express
By Betsy Lowther

"DIY DECORATING USED TO to be simpler: Pick a style (modern, shabby chic, country craft), acquire its key accoutrements (chrome accents, weathered finishes, "Little House on the Prairie" ginghams), repeat until complete. But now, savvy nesters no longer want to be defined by one design look. Instead, they're fusing high and low, old and new, classic and oddball, for an effect that's both chic and cheeky. The trick to this artsy, madcap aesthetic? A healthy collection of vintage pieces, repurposed in unexpected ways (think an old classroom map hung as artwork or laboratory beakers as flower vases). We tagged along with three local experts to learn the secrets of nabbing secondhand scores." Read more here.

And check out the great local Northern Virginia site: Three Potato Four - where you can find all kinds of quirky vintage and secondhand things for your decorating obsessions.


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