Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newest Eco-Friendly Fashion Obsession: Vintage Shoe Clips

The Fall Fashion mags were filled with prettily embellished flats for fall – a huge relief from the towering heels that have monopolized the pages over the last few seasons. I actually really like heels – my high arch makes wearing flats a little challenging. But I was still excited by the idea of the sparkly, beaded slip-ons . . . an easy way to dress up a simple pair of jeans. I just got a pair of ankle-length, partially destroyed jeans and I think pairing them with some dainty flats is very Hepburn-ish (even though my thighs are not so Hepburnish).

But instead of investing in several pairs of shoes, a more economical AND eco-friendly approach is to invest in one or two well-made (or vintage!) pairs of plain flats (or you might already have some) and accessorize them with vintage shoe clips. has SO many pretty versions – from the most blingy, diamonette styles, to more simple versions that are more than appropriate for work.
Here are some that I like:

$9.99 - buy them here.

$15 - buy them here.

$25 - Buy them here.

$10 - buy them here.


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