Thursday, November 12, 2009

Styling for the Tweed Ride DC!

Getting so very excited for DC's Tweed Ride! Preparations have commenced (photo from Planet Claire's Blog):

Tweed, fitted suit: check!
Argyle socks: check!
Red, vintage, lace-up boots: check!
Cute vintage adornments: check!

Still on the look-out for an appropriate hair accessory for the seasonally inappropriate balmy 67 degrees expected on Sunday (hello climate change!).

The one operational issue that I am facing is the need to somehow roll up the extra wide legs of my trousers. Although I would look quite natty in my 3-piece tweed suit, the wide legs may make it difficult to bike the route (just released here). So, I think I have decided to wear knickers of some sort or a skirt (which will also allow me to display my quite rad red, vintage boots and argyle socks). However, I do not, at this point in time, own any knickers. And that is where the continually astonishing power of the Google comes in.

I have found several places online where there are easy peasy directions on making a pair of pants into knickers. So, if you are facing a similar conundrum, check out the links below - with some additional photos of outfit inspiration at the bottom. (Don't currently have a pair of pants to convert into jaunty knickers? Visit any local Goodwill for a truly amazing array of inexpensive options. Or, check out the Goodwill Travelin' Trunk show on Saturday being held at Greater Goods at 16th and U, NW. ) Hope to see you on Sunday!

Make your own knickers:
Remixing Clothes-Making pants into knickers

Make Your Own Knickers


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