Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowed In . . . and the living is easy.

Yes, as you may have heard on the news, DC has gotten one of the biggest snowstorms in history - with more on the way. (I keep looking out my window for the first flakes of the second leg of this thing - there they go!)

But, today, what I really want to talk about is Timberland. Specifically, my Timberland Winnicut boots that I bought 1 week before the first big snow storm this year (right before the holidays in December). Every day of this snowy season, I have thanked the universe for these lovely, warm and waterproof boots. Which, on top of it all, are made with recycled materials by a company that has taken bold strides toward acknowledging and reducing their environmental footprint.

The rubber sole is made from 5% recycled rubber - which may not sound like much, but hardly any other mainstream company is using these types of materials! Almost 80% of Timberland's shoes feature at least some recycled and sustainable content like recycled rubber, hemp, recycled PET (from water bottles). Plus, all the packaging that the boots came in is made from recycled paper.

The boots are toasty warm with faux-fleece lining and have kept my toesies dry through not 1, not 2, but 3 snowfalls so far this season (geez, feel like I live in SD, not DC).
Timberland also has this new line called Earthkeepers, where they use more organic, recycled, and sustainable materials than in their other lines.

The point is this: mainstream companies can and should start integrating more sustainable materials into their products. Especially materials that are recycled since we have a lot of of waste and not a lot of place to put it.

Here I am putting these great boots to the test sledding at Meridian Hill Park:


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