Friday, March 12, 2010

Recycled Plastic Clothing

"Oh," you say, "that doesn't really sound that good."

Does it sound like some weird thing dreamed up in an MIT lab? Well, wait until you see the cute little things that H&M is selling made from recycled plastic (and organic cotton, organic linen and tencel) in their Spring 2010 Garden Collection.

H&M launched this collection for press review right around the same time of that horrible incident where H&M stores in NYC slashed their surplus clothing and threw it away. The company disavowed this practice, though they are not the first Swedish retailer who has done similar. How greedy and tacky! In the midst of one of the world's worst recessions . . . However, I've done some research into H&M and, overall, I feel like they seem to care more about their environmental and social footprint than many other large retailers . . . So, if you must shop at a large clothing retailer, they are not the worst choice (and they have cute things!)

In any case, they also seem to be the leaders among major clothing retailers in integrating more sustainable materials into their collections. A few seasons back they used recycled wool and almost every season they introduce a line of organic cotton pieces that seem to sell out immediately. Granted, these pieces are only a small piece of their overall production, but the more they can prove to themselves that it is financially viable to use sustainable materials, and the more quickly the items sell out, the more they will produce. Supply and demand, folks.

And I would like to politely demand to have organic linen motorcycle jacket below.

Or, this recycled polyester roses jacket.

Find more picture of the collection at


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