Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashion is: Spinach Vintage Goodies!

Last Saturday, I visited Fashion is Spinach's vintage pop-up shop at Proper Topper in Georgetown. I had meant to get there when the doors opened at 11AM, but, due to fun and frolic the night before at the Rock & Roll Hotel (U.S. Royalty!!), I was not able to arrive until a few hours into vintage mayhem. Although I know I missed out on some lovely things, I came home with exactly the thing I had wanted. (This was, of course, because Betsy is an incredibly nice person and put aside the dress I had my eye on - just in case I got to the store late. The dress fit like a glove!) Here are some pics (all by Mark Silva).

(above) The dress I wanted! Can't wait to wear it with red tights!

(above) Betsy, me and my glass of champagne (they also had cookies!) LOOK at her dress!! Pink horses! Swoooooon . . .

(above) Kate Micheal, blogger, District Disher and, in general, "girl-about-town"

The one dress that got away. I put it down and poof!


ms. spinach said...

yay! if it makes you feel any better, that light blue dress went to a happy home:

and thanks to mark for the cute pix!

Natalie said...

Aww, I am so jealous. That looked like an amazing sale! Gorgeous dress.

monali said...

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Zou Zou said...

I'm so jealous that I missed this event! I really might add vintage to my sustainable shop! Gorgeous dresses ladies!


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