Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion Under the Stars!!

Last week I went out to a great party hosted by ReadySetDC called fashion:district.

Okay, so “great party” is probably an understatement. They threw a phenomenal bash with fashion, models, fashion models in towels, art installations, photographers, a new DC fashion magazine, vintage clothing pop-up shops, a new men's accessories line, local boutiques, cocktails (including endless bottles of Firefly vodka/bourbon and whisky tea . . . man that stuff is strong . . . but yummy), local bloggers and fashion writers, good DJs and many examples DC’s emerging style.

The stage for the festivities was the roof deck of View 14. Since the building is only partially sold, several condos were commandeered for the event's pop-up shops, photography and art displays, model changing rooms, and various socializing spaces. Each condo had a small external deck with a great view of DC – joined together, the space provided a striking runway for the fashion show (imagine the sun setting on the DC skyline . . .)

It was all quite fun and fresh, but I was especially impressed by the new fashion magazine launched by local photographers Joshua Yospyn and Nicole Aguirre. It is called “Worn” and there is a great interview with Nicole on ReadySetDC where she answers why they chose that name. She says: “The name worn has to do with the difference between fashion and style. You can wear something you’ve worn a thousand times before, you can buy something from a vintage store that’s been worn by other people or something new. It’s not about what a trend is, it’s about what feels good for you . . .”

I just love that attitude – it really is the foundation of making sustainable choices in terms of fashion. Style is about your personal expression, about what feels right for you, like Nicole says, not being trapped in what the fashion magazines want you to buy. That does not mean that you can’t enjoy trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe, but it does mean that you should select garments that have lasting power – that you will not discard after one season.

Speaking of which, I was excited to find out that night that Kristen Swenson, Treasury Boutique's in-house seamstress, who I interviewed a few months ago, just launched her own company: ReVamp Design and Tailoring (become a fan on Facebook). “ReVamp is about creative, sustainable, green design, working with items you already own, and cutting down on the environmental impact that the fashion industry often has. ReVamp can provide basic and complex alterations, and can work with an abundance of repairs. We can also work with those items that are hard to let go, but need an update, whether we recut or completely reimagine the garment.” I love it!!

I loved seeing pieces from one of my favorite boutiques, Treasury, in the runway show. It is not often that vintage takes center stage on a fashion runway (well, except for the Goodwill DC fundraiser every year) - it meant a lot to see them included.

Overall, it was a great night in our new DC. As many of you know, I’ve lived within the District for almost 20 years and, trust me, it is totally different now. Being able to spend time with friends at art and fashion events, pleasantly chat with people from a variety of backgrounds, who have interesting and creative professional aspirations . . . it’s definitely new.

Thanks to ReadySetDC for inviting me. You are fast becoming one of the first destinations on my daily DC blog excursions.

Here are some pics from the runway:

More pictures from The President Wears Prada here.

And a cool video about the event from ReadySetDC here.


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