Friday, April 23, 2010

Seek and Ye Shall Find (Green Resources Around DC)

The DC governement just released a Google map of all kinds of environment resources in the District.

Interested in Environmental Art? Or finding the nearest community garden? Maybe you want to check out some solar panels in action? It's all here. Just check the items you want on the right hand column and off you go!!

Find the map here.


@Nataliekbeats said...

Cool! Thanks for the map and link :)I am back and forth from DC due to friends and family and this is a great resource to have.

Catherine Gao said...

Check out - eco fashion social enterprise!

Zhoozh Brand said...

I LOVE your blog!!

Wanderlusting Artisans said...

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Jacqueline Ho said...

Hi! I thought you and your followers might want to check out Misguided Angels, named “2011’s Best Boutique” in Northern Virginia Magazine. You can also get 55-65% off here-- Enjoy!


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